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Desiree Koh

The Topic Writer behind About.com's Eyeglasses site.
The Topic Writer behind About.com's Eyeglasses site. Desiree Koh

As part of a family business that began as a lens workshop in the 1950s and is now in its third generation as one of Singapore's top eye care practices, you can say that Koh was born into the optical scene. Mastering the ability to spell "astigmatism" and to identify each part of a spectacle frame at an early age, she was always up to date on the season's hottest eyewear collections while kids at school complained about having to wear glasses.
Managing The Lens Men's and sister boutique The Eye Site's marketing and communications with a journalism degree from Northwestern University, writing about every aspect of eyeglasses comes as naturally as wearing a different frame each day—the most good-looking fashion accessory in existence that also corrects your vision.
Koh has 35 pairs of glasses displayed on her dresser, and counting.


With The Lens Men catering to a broad range of patients, including multi-generations of families, and The Eye Site focused on fashion-forward, design-driven frame fans, a day in Koh's life runs the gamut from collaborating with eyewear brands, both mainstream and independent, and viewing and assessing the latest and greatest collections, to organizing trunk shows and launches and keeping up with industry news and trends. She attends Silmo, Mido and IOFT, the most important fairs in the optical calendar, annually.
Koh is also a writer who specializes in lifestyle, travel, food and pop culture topics for magazines around the world. You can read her work inSilverKris, Singapore Airlines' in-flight magazine,Reader's Digestpublications,Shape, and more.

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