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Goals, Dreams, and Success

The Truth about Potentiality

author-avatarBy Dr. Steve Maraboli

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We are beings of infinite potentiality. That sounds wonderful, but what does it mean to have infinite potential? If we are all so infinitely potential, why do very few of us experience happiness, good health, or success?

Remember this; the word “potential” is what the word “possible” becomes when it wears a tuxedo. It does not guarantee anything. It doesn't mean something WILL happen, it just means it CAN happen.

Potential remains an intangible possibility until you participate; until you ACT. You are the activator that bridges potentiality and reality. You are the point of origin for things to transcend from the realm of the possible to the tangible. Take action towards the life you desire!

When we do not take action, potentiality becomes the soil that houses the seeds of your regret.

We all know the regretful feeling of unrealized potential. We all know what it feels like to join a gym and not go… to feel a love we didn't express… to feel sorry but not apologize… to desire but not venture… to promise but not deliver… we have ALL been there.

I know you have heard the spiritual masters and gurus tell you how important your infinite potentiality is; that it could be the magical answer to your problems. But be aware of what their behavior says. When they sell you their products, do they ask you to promise you’ll pay (potentiality) or do they require you to ACT and give them your credit card?

As authors of our own story of life, our potential is immeasurable. Don’t let yourself rest on the magical idea that all things are possible; instead, make the choice to act upon the course of your goals and dreams.

This is a quantum universe that we experience as it is expressed through physical laws. Einstein said, “Nothing happens until something moves.” What are you waiting for? Move! Your movement activates your potential.

Last Updated:8/5/2013
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