How to Hustle & Make it in NYC w/ Coco + Breezy

The Coco and Breezy Guide to Style

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The Coco and Breezy Guide to Style
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I still remember the first time I sawCocoandBreezy; it was probably 2010 or 2011, and my friend pointed them out to me on the street in New York. “They’re these badass twins who make crazy sunglasses,” he said. “You have to look them up—they have the coolest style.” That much, at least, was immediately clear: They were wearing coordinating space-age-looking studded shades, platform boots, and lots of leather—all of which was especially on point in the age of meat-dress-eraLady Gaga. Plus, there were two of them—which naturally gave them double the style cred.

Now, five years later, they’ve built a reputation as two of the most innovative eyewear designers in the biz, collaborating with everyone from Adidas to Hershey’s candy (for whom they’ve created a just-launched collection of sunnies inspired by Twizzlers and Jolly Rancher), and built a fanbase that includes the likes ofRihannaandJaden Smith. In 2014,Princecommissioned a pair of custom three-lens sunglasses for his appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” and became something of a mentor to the sisters.



Along with regular DJ gigs and designing their main line, their latest projects include a partnership with Transitions lenses—pulling the indoor-outdoor lens brand clear out of the “dad glasses” rut and into cool-kid territory—and an upcoming under-0 line with Six:02, Foot Locker’s fashion-forward sister brand. While their style might be more out-there than some, both collaborations prove they have a practical side, too. Of Transitions, Breezy says, “People in our generation don’t want something that looks cool—they also expect functionality. “Like for me, I’m the type of girl that will have a cute a dress on and wear sneakers if I don’t want to go to a club or gala with heels on because I want to be comfortable.” Having a single pair of prescription glasses that you can wear all day, inside and out, speaks to the same sensibility.

Speaking with the twins, you do get the sense that behind the mirrored cat-eye lenses, gold chokers, and matching septum rings, they’re about as down-to-earth as they come. Read on for their morning rituals, their secret to sharing lipstick, and the one life lesson Prince taught them that they’ll never forget, and click through the gallery to see some of their best looks and shop our favorite frames.

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How do you usually start your day?
We wake each other up, and we sit by each other and we’ll ask the craziest things like, ‘Oh my God, are you excited for life? I’m excited for life,” just to motivate each other. And then we make some breakfast, do some yoga stretches, do some meditation. We do all that before we go to the office.

How would you describe your personal style?
Breezy:My personal style is very androgynous and extremely effortless. I’m owning it, girl. You know what it is? I wake up and I just throw on whatever I feel like throwing on. If I want to wear a T-shirt and denim jeans and pull up on my long board to a meeting, I’m gonna do that. Or if I want to wear black flats and a button-down and some nice shoes, it’s however I feel. I just want to be comfortable. I love hats, though—hats are my thing. I’ll have a very simple outfit on, but for me, it’s my eyewear that really tops it off and makes the outfit complete.
Coco:When we deejay, our new thing is we act like we’re a girl band, so we’ll wear similar outfits, but Breezy will wear it in her own style and I’ll wear my own style.
Breezy:So let’s say there’s a two-piece set—a jacket that goes with a skirt. I’ll wear the jacket with some Vans, and Coco will wear the skirt that goes with it with some heels.

How has your style evolved over the years?
Coco: Back in the day, we used to be very punk. Now that we’ve gotten older, there’s still a trace of our punk style in it, like the jewelry like we wear, or wearing a lot of leather. We’ll wear leather to summer’s end. We’re New Yorkers, but we’re the girls that will be in Miami, and people will be like, “Aren’t you hot?!” I’m probably extremely hot, but I feel cute, so…. I just feel comfortable in my jacket. I feel so badass.

What’s one thing you want to steal from your sister’s closet?
Coco:I would say, for me, I’d steal Breezy’s hats.
Breezy:Coco has these really cute leather pants—thank you for reminding me; I’m going to steal them soon!

What’s one city you visited recently that you thought had good style?
We’ve been to a lot of cities, but I’m just going to say New York. When I walk out in Brooklyn, in Bushwick, that’s where I see a lot of style.

What’s the last thing you bought?
Red lipstick today—our signature Sephora matte red liquid lipstick. It’s so good, it stays on forever. What we do is, if we share it, we’ll both touch up before we split up and then argue about who gets to bring it with them.

What’s one thing you would never wear?
Breezy:Sparkles. And really prom-looking dresses and prom shoes. You know when girls go to the club in Miami and they wear prom shoes? It’s not cute. Prom shoes, and those glittery, sparkly dresses. Unless I’m going to, like, the Emmys or something and it’s Versace.
Coco:And then that glitter is not going to be glitter—it’s going to be diamonds or something. You won’t see me wearing a tutu. Nothing like that.

What’s your song of the summer?
“7am” by Lil Uzi Vert

Besides eyewear, what’s your favorite accessory right now?
Gold jewelry. We have these really beautiful gold nose rings, earrings, and gold chokers. They’re very tribal, they’re known for—I know there are tribes in Asia and Africa, and they stretch your neck. Ours don’t stretch our necks, but they have that coiled metal effect. We get them from a company called Tawapa that we found on Instagram.

What are some of your other favorite fashion and design Instagrams to follow?Milly—I would say that’s our favorite brand we wear today. We’ll wear a leather jacket, Milly, eye frames and Transitions, and red lipstick.

Are there any up-and-coming fashion brands that you think everyone should know about and have on their radar?
We have some friends in Atlanta that work for a company called Fresh I Am. It’s a really cool, cheaper brand. Our friend Saskia, she owns a hat factory in the city where we get all of our hats personalized. She’s amazing—we love her. Those are the majority of the things that we wear.

Prince was a major supporter of you both. What’s one lesson he taught you that really stuck with you?
Oh, man, so many lessons. One thing he taught us was don’t say “can’t.” You can. And to push yourself. He preaches ultimate living. If you never thought that you can do something, he would definitely change your mind about it. He motivated us to believe that you can do anything—anything is possible.

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